Who’s LightArrowsEXE?

As an introduction post, I’ve figured it’s a good idea to introduce myself, who I am and what I do.

For starters, I’m Light (real name withheld for personal reasoning, aka I hate being called by my real name). I’m an adventurer! I’ve left my hometown at the age of 7 and I’m on a quest to save the world from evil by slaying the evil demon king! I’ve been side-questing for a little over 10 years, because the side-quests are a lot more interesting than the main storyline is. Sorry, evil demon king.

On my side-quests I’ve come across many allies and party members. Old and new party members include Moe (TopAnimeWeekly), Shuuka (AllAnimeTops), Roger (RogerSmith2004), Zen (Zenime), MiCRO (MiCRONiQUE) and others that I’m too lazy to mention and/or forgot to write down. Yeah, I forget to save often.

For the last 3 years I was busy with the side-quest “Become an influential Top Anime Lister”. Due to the evil demon king’s minions I am now jobless though, as my channel got terminated right before I started growing. One fell swoop and it was gone! All of it!

Nowadays I spend my time editing clips for other brave Top Listers to use, I follow a Cross Media course, and I just browse the internet in the search of the next big side-quest that will span many in-game days.

On a side note, did you know that watching Anime is a good way to increase your exp? I’m currently level 138 as of this post. 1 full day of anime equals 1 level. Add in manga and Japanese literature and I’m level 143. Gotta grind… However, if you consider 24 hours of playing TF2 as a level, I’m currently level 309! Now, that sounds more impressive, doesn’t it?!

Now my plans are to write a blog, where I give my thoughts on new shows, old shows, other shows… Lots of anime shows will be mentioned here. My plans for now are just giving my general thoughts and mini-reviews, but I might hop on to full-reviews, analysis, etc. Anything that seems interesting at the time.

And that’s where I’ll end this! Frankly, I have better things to do than write an introduction post that appeals to gamers (considering a lot of anime fans are also gamers), but y’know, it’s fun. I’m off now because I’m in class and the teacher is giving me a nasty look. Goodbye!